Response to: Profiting off of COVID-19?

A message from the CEO of -

It's obvious already that there's a stigma about profiting from this pandemic and I'd like to address this topic. Today is April 6th, 2020. I run the site and this is what I would say to somebody who thinks that I'm doing this out of greed or to profit. I've owned this domain name for years and decided to finally get around to building it. It was something I always wanted to do but luckily was busier with something else more important at any given time. It's not my first medical equipment sales website but just before this pandemic, I was entirely busy with a different business (which I cant do anymore until the pandemic has passed). A lot of things that I'm responsible to keep going came to a grinding halt when news of Coronavirus started to spread. Knowing how the virus was spreading, and how to prevent it, I imported a large order of masks, to have enough for friends and family. This was a purchasing process familiar to me because I frequently did it anyway. I've been in the medical industry as long as I can remember, you can see a snapshot of what I was up to in 2003, online ventilator sales, among other things, go figure. I've been importing masks on end for months. I've been putting all the revenue (plus a lot more) that's been taken in from our orders, right back into buying more masks and other medical supplies from overseas, to be able to keep having supply available. I'm utilizing resources that I already had in place that allows me to do this. I'm even leveraging credit to fund the orders. I did not clean the shelves of local stores to hoard supplies, to create a scarcity and artificially inflate demand. Rather, I am bringing in supplies that never existed here, and I'm paying more for it than anyone else globally is willing to pay in order to secure the goods. But I'm afraid that I wont be able to keep doing it for much longer because of many factors. Let me explain why the situation is starting to get scary from my perspective. I'm importing from sellers, brokers, and factories. (Trump is trying to take that very privilege away from Canada to buy from the USA right now, which would divert more demand overseas and make things worse for us, among other problems with it). Today is April 6th, 2020 and the problem is about to implode, we need an Escape Fire, and fast. Currently, the price per kilogram to ship goods is jumping by 20% daily. Realize, gloves are considerably heavy. Sea shipments are unheard of these days. To make matters worse, there are fewer and fewer flights each passing day. I worry that they'll soon stop entirely. A majority of sellers have logistics issues of their own. Let alone the competition for the same items, factories producing a million pieces per day are contracted in advance. We're seeing all PPE pricing going up by 20% (or more) on a daily basis. If you can even find the goods for sale. Spot goods are not available these days, and many items are backordered until December. The numbers are spiraling in every direction. One thing, though, that we can easily fix - is that our imported goods often get delayed. When they show up, they have stickers on them that they've been inspected by customs. Why does it take 2 weeks for that box to reach us? 4 boxes ordered together, 3 arrive, 1 over two weeks later. Random checks are fine, we endorse that. But this bottleneck needs to be fixed. Maybe the military needs to takeover and help out over there. From ports, customs, and private delivery services with stockpiles of packages they let pile up. Supply shortages and bottlenecks are costing lives and slowing the efforts to slow the transmission of the virus. We're in this together trying to stop this virus in it's deadly tracks. We need to fix the bottlenecks wherever possible. But as for this particular mask seller, please don't think bad of me. I feel like I'm volunteering my time and my money, and taking a lot of really big risks to actually oversee the logistics to get you or someone you know masks and gloves. The revenue goes straight back to the sellers overseas. Maybe when the pandemic is over we can expand our offerings and possibly turn a profit by providing excellent value and more selection to our customers that we're earning along the way. Thanks for reading and I hope you appreciate my perspective. I would also like you to know that a couple of weeks ago when this all started to become a local problem, and people were caught by surprise and were even less prepared, we were fortunate enough to donate 1,000 masks to local healthcare workers in and around Pembroke Pines, Florida who urgently needed them. I urge you to play your part in making change for the better. Let's hope for the best, do our part, and #slowthespread