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We donated 1,000 masks to frontline workers in Florida at the start of the pandemic.


We're located in South Florida. We sell to individuals, manufacturers, healthcare workers, offices, governments, religious institutions, salons, and anyone and everyone in-between.

The time it takes to ship an order to you is a simple formula: “(our lead time) + (the time it takes the carrier)”. Our "lead time" is the time from when your order is placed until the time the order ships. The lead time is usually about one day. Some orders will ship the same day. California customers buying isopropyl alcohol could expect the carrier to take 5-7 days to deliver. New York customers buying isopropyl could expect around 5 days. Florida customers expect 1-2 days. When your order is being prepared to ship, you’ll get a notification with the tracking code for each package. If you do not provide an email address, the system will text it to you instead, because you need to provide either an email address or a phone number to place an order. If you feel that you didn't receive a tracking code for some reason, please reach out to us and we’ll gladly resend it to you.

The cost of shipping varies, because it depends on how many items are in your order, how much they weigh, where you live, desired shipping speed, and other factors. For example, isopropyl alcohol may only ship by trucks on the ground and cannot fly priority air. Wholesale and custom orders are available at

You will see the shipping cost displayed before you complete your order, this website’s checkout system gives you full transparency at the time of your purchase and the shipping price changes based on many things. Feel free to make adjustments to the items in your cart as you are placing your order to find what works best for you. If the price seems high, perhaps order a smaller quantity of items to get a lower price.

Please note that we cannot ship our pure Isopropyl Alcohol to Hawaii or to Alaska unless by sea and a wholesale order would need to be placed at

Once you’re done shopping around our site, make sure you’ve pressed “add to cart” for all the items you wish to buy. When you’re ready to place your order, you’ll tap the Cart icon at the top of your page. Double check your shopping list to confirm (or adjust) the quantities of each item that you want to order, and then press the Update icon to update your cart to commit any changes. Then press Checkout to enter your shipping information. Don't forget your apartment number if you have one, and make sure that your street address, the city name and zip code are all accurate. The most common reason for a shipping delay is because an address was entered incorrectly. Then press to continue to Shipping to see the calculated cost of shipping appear for your review. You could go back and adjust the quantity of items in your cart, and you could also remove items from your cart, for the cost to ship to magically update. Then follow the next steps to enter your Payment information. Then confirm the details to finally Submit your order. We will then receive your order and mail your products to you. It's that easy!

Before you place your order, please consult your local regulations on any items for the purpose that you wish to use it for.

During the onset of the pandemic, we shipped with both USPS (United States Postal Service) and UPS (United Parcel Service). We had many lost packages and upset customers for those who selected the (lower cost) USPS option. Their service was horrible and packages were stolen left and right, or took six weeks for them to scan them in for the first scan, and then deliver it the same day, with no scans in-between us and the recipient. Just unbelievable problems and other issues. So these days we rarely use USPS and rely mainly on UPS, but we recently put a program in place called UPS Sure Post. What this is, is a combination of UPS and USPS. UPS comes to us daily to pick up the day's packages, and with those packages for them they also collect the UPS Sure Post packages as well. Most of those Sure Post packages soon get transferred from UPS to USPS for USPS to make what is referred to as the "final mile" delivery. So even though it seems like a UPS service, you might not have a brown UPS truck arrive, it would be your usual mail carrier who would in most cases be the one to deliver your package. The thing with that is its only good for our dry goods, not the chemicals such as Isopropyl Alcohol. Because we cannot ship hazardous items, and there's not even a Limited Quantity Exception allowed with this method. So while this offering helps introduce a slightly lower cost for dry goods such as masks, cotton gloves, plastic gloves, shield hats, and so forth, it doesn't benefit the buyers of Isopropyl Alcohol. 

You should also be aware of holidays which affect shipping. For UPS holidays, click here. For USPS holidays (for our SurePost customers), click here.

We want you to get your items without any issues, and issues with carriers are rare but do happen on some occasions. We solve this problem by offering an optional Shipping Protection Program the moment before your order is placed. For extra piece-of-mind, you could consider purchasing this add-on, its usually ninety-eight cents for most orders. Especially if you're located in a high-risk delivery zone (you know who you are). This optional coverage is offered at checkout for a small fraction of your cart value; it usually costs around a dollar for most orders. The exact cost for the purchase protection will be displayed during checkout. Look for the “Route” insurance toggle in your cart to see the calculated price for your order. One of the great things about Route is that they cover you if your package is stolen after it's been reported as delivered. The carriers do not cover missing packages after they say they deliver them but Route will. It also covers you if items are lost or damaged during transit. If you wish to add this protection to your order, just shop our website as usual, add whichever item(s) to your cart, and be sure to turn on "Add Route+" from within your cart, before you press the "Checkout" button. There's a link in the cart to read even more about it.

If you notice that you've made a mistake on an order you've just placed, please start a chat, send an email to or call us right away at 1-800-706-4184. We say “right away”, because once your order ships, it cannot be canceled. We are more than happy to make changes for our customers before an order ships. You may also add or remove items before your order ships. Just let us know and we will be glad to assist.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Route+ Shipping Insurance Information