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We donated 1,000 masks to frontline workers in Florida at the start of the pandemic.

Shield Hat

These hats are made from cotton and feature a removable clear plastic shield. The shield is designed to help reduce or prevent airborne particles such as dust, saliva, and mucous from spraying on your face, entering your eyes, ears, nose or mouth. And as you would imagine, they're great at blocking the sun, just like any other hat.

We carry two styles, a bucket hat which has a brim that goes around the entire head (but the shield is only in the front). And we carry a baseball style hat with the bill just in the front, along with the shield.

The baseball hats have snap-on shields while the bucket hats feature a velcro type closure. The plastic shield may be cleaned by wiping with a disinfectant wipe or a damp cloth.

These make great gifts. Buy one for yourself and some for your children and friends, so everyone can have a little more assurance when going out in public. 

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